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hippyhappy's Journal

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Hippy Happy: A term used during a conversation one day between Creators Amanda and Mya. The term was used randomly and it became popular among us for no reason. Thus, it left us here, today, to this community.

We wont lie to you, this place was made just for the fun of it.

Because the word "Happy" is in the title, we dont except this place to be a happy happy joy joy community. Its here for anyone to join and anyone to say whatever they want. We just expect everyone to be respectful. Too much to ask? Then maybe this isnt the place for you.

Neither one of us live the perfect happy life. Were two normal people as you are and sometimes people need a break from being upset or just not in a good mood. So we come here for the escape or to vent. Again there was no real reason for this community, we just wanted to have fun.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you come again. Next time we'll feed you mac and cheese.