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does ANYONE have a livejournal code they would be willing to share with me? i would love you forever and ever and ever.
if youre willing to give one up, please email me at

Ill finally say something...

I guess I should finally say something in this place since I did create it and share the joint ownership with Amanda who made the first post... I know I like to slack. Its become one of those habits of mine. Not too sure about being proud of it though...

I hope this place grows. Kind of gets me excited for it in the future.

Thanks for the support of everyone whos joined so far. Hippy Happy is now in business! :o)

Oh and feel free to donate money to the whole holiday... or you know, just to me. :oP

Eventually we'll get things organized around here. For now, we'll make a "question of the time being" until we get it down to like the question of the week or something.. I dont know. I just pretend I know how to run this place..

ANyway, your question is, What makes you happy?

Stay tuned. Thanks and have a great one. Love peace and rainbows. :o)
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I guess that I'm the second person to join..which is cool! I hope that this community grows and everyone can talk about everything..I know that I'm, how about everyone say where your from and how you found this community...its a start.
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Weehoo, Mya and I made a community for our Holiday we created. OK, all we have to do now, is to get people to join. HRmmm...then we'll take over the world.