&A face to b/r/e/a/k a <3 to (cherryfractal) wrote in hippyhappy,
&A face to b/r/e/a/k a <3 to

you all would LOVE happy_fractals. When you post, you write about 3 things that make you happy - its AWESOME for your moods. and i suggest when ure feeling down, read your past entries in it, or even others.

synchronicity, postive energy and happy flows~!~~~

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    Heey just joined this community and thought id say hiya = D it looks kewl x

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    I'm new to LJ and this looks like a nice place to begin. Most call me Cherry becasue of my hair. My name is Sarah.

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    This looks like a cheerful little community! It's nice here, so I'll join. I'm 15 from England, and school can be really stressful so I need stuff…

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