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This is a hostile take over!

Hello, all! I have thus joined the Hippy Happy Live Journal Community... rejoice my coming! :-D Actually, from what I've heard from Amanda things have been pretty boring here lately. So how's about a question? What makes you happy in life? I mean, really happy. When you think of the word happy, what does it make you think of? I figure we can take care of the happy part of hippyhappy now, and tackle the hippy part of it later.

Rock on, peeps!

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    Heey just joined this community and thought id say hiya = D it looks kewl x

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    I'm new to LJ and this looks like a nice place to begin. Most call me Cherry becasue of my hair. My name is Sarah.

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    This looks like a cheerful little community! It's nice here, so I'll join. I'm 15 from England, and school can be really stressful so I need stuff…

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